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Create Polls, Surveys and Quizzies for free, embed your inquries on your website and capture analytics data on who is taking your poll.


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HivePolling is a free and easy to use polling, survey and quizzing application.

HivePolling is made to aid in data collection for a better understanding of public opinions, interests and knowledge

This helps to improve how you and your business design your marketing and business strategies going forward, with this knowledge you are better equipped to grow your business.

  • Simplified UI

    HivePolling is a no hassle easy to use polling platform

  • Secure your Surveys and Quizzes

    HivePolling allows you to password protect your survey and quizzes

Your one stop application for creating, polls, surveys and quizzes, with detailed analytics on who is taking your polls


Check our Services

We offer a variety of services on this platform ranging from in widget support to poll bots for interactive polling


We offer free polling services allowing both unregistered and registered user to create polls for free


We offer free survey services allowing our registered users to create surveys for free


We offer free quizzing services allowing our registered users to create quizzes for free


We offer free embeded services allowing our registered users to embed their polls, survey and quizzes on their website for free

Poll Bot

We will be offering poll bot services in the future --currently in development

Live Chat

We will be offering live chat services in the future --currently in development

URL Shortner

We offer a fast and free to use URL shrortner, built into our application to aid in the sharing of lengthy URL links


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Contact us about any inquires you may have via our support email